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Ever have a favorite thing that suddenly and wonderfully took on a whole new dimension?

For the millions of persons for whom the prose poem "Desiderata" offers lifelong inspiration, Desiderata The Book takes "Desiderata" to a new level of communication and understanding through chapter-length treatment of each of its twenty-three phrases. It also contains a concluding chapter on the overall idea of living life by the prescription "Desiderata" offers. Additionally, Desiderata The Book includes a fascinating look at the controversial origins and legal history of "Desiderata" along with a short biography of its author, Max Ehrmann.


Each chapter (e.g., "Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste") begins with definitions, in context, of the principal terms used in that phrase and ends with quotations from famous persons using those same terms. But the real essence of each chapter is the result of expanding beyond the phrase itself by delving deeply into what Max Ehrmann, by way of philosophy, world view, and otherwise, likely meant the phrase to mean. All such interpretation is subjective, of course, but after reading Desiderata The Book, "Desiderata" enthusiasts will have much, much more---and very interesting---food for thought along the path of contemplating "Desiderata's" life prescription.


Desiderata The Book's principal author is Don Tomlinson with the very able assistance of Bob Allen. Mr. Tomlinson is a journalist, writer, attorney, and professor (and musician and songwriter). Mr. Allen is a journalist and communications consultant.