One wonders how a prose poem written so many years ago can be brought to life again like the Fall wind rustling though the forest and reshaping the collections of fallen leaves. Indeed, Don Tomlinson has taken “Desiderata,” this timeless piece of literature, and breathed wonderful new life into it by “rustling” its readers’ deepest thoughts about the pathways of their own lives. The readers of Desiderata The Book are challenged to seriously reflect on each interpreted phrase of Max Ehrmann’s poetic prose, and, through the “real-world” examples provided, reflect on their own real-life experiences and “life prescription.” Much like after an inspirational Sunday sermon, long after Desiderata The Book has been read, the positive philosophical messages stay with the reader to ponder in the quietest of moments. Both inspiring and thought provoking, Desiderata The Book would benefit high school students, college students, and the adults among us still looking for the “prescription for life” that leads to a “happier, better adjusted inner being.”


Kathleen Anderson, Assistant Sup. of Schools (retired) (11/10/15)

There are a certain few lessons everyone in life would do well to consider. This book takes a thoughtful idea and expands upon it, showing us how we could see life in a new way. Very simply put, I may have discovered the meaning of life while reading!


—G DAVID, reviewing on (12/15/15) (4 out of 5 stars)

What a joyous experience it was to read “Desiderata The Book” and to be reunited with “Desiderata” itself after first having come across it so many years ago. In my view, Don Tomlinson’s interpretation and analysis of “Desiderata” is spot-on. Clearly, through his obvious study of its author, Max Ehrmann, he has wonderfully fleshed out the bones of the skeleton Ehrmann spent parts of six years writing in the 1920s. Particularly in this time of chaos and cultural upheaval, the messages brought to bear in “Desiderata” and in “Desiderata The Book” are well worth reading and digesting, involving, as they do, a positive-thinking approach to life that well should be adopted by our increasingly confused world.


—Thomas E. Didget, Entrepreneur (12/03/15)